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Living, working, and playing in the coastal climate has some unique challenges. Our seasons are typically shorter than those in many parts of the country. The water we choose to play in is fairly cold in the spring and early summer, gets comfortable in the late summer and starts to cool off early in the fall. If you like us are simply unstoppable, regardless of the weather; we carry the best gear and offer the best training to enjoy this sport in our unique climate.

We fly as often as possible and have quite a bit of experience helping you make choices that not only let you survive in our climate, but stay comforatble enough that you can have a great time as well. We can help you decide if a Drysuit, Spring wetsuit, or Shorty wetsuit will work best for you. For training we typically schedule our classes once the water is warm enough to be comfortable in a shorty wetsuit whcih means typically June through mid September. For demonstrations and advanced rentals we fly all year long.

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